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I tend to like a lot of artwork on this site, particular ones that surpass my own. :meow:

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Ernest Hudson Davis IV
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
*Due to some connection issues, I may not be very active on this site. If you wish to contact me for whatever reason, click the links avaliable below.

May 13. Taurus.
High School Senior.
Random-minded Philosopher.
Creative Illustrator. Free-minded Storyteller.
Future Graphic Artist. Possible Game Developer.
Otaku (anime lover). Creatures Fan. UberHaxorNova. ImmortalHD.
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Author of the Arco tale.

Creator of the Electronic Super Joy: Aaron Adventures fanfiction.
Aaron Ro'kin / Bui / Greegor / Pope Ianh Eddzon / Jojo / Kimberri Saphire / Kuzu / Smoker Smith / Wanderer / Wizard

Avatars used: (credits to their respective artists)
Who's Shirt Was That? [Darkiplier] by Demens-Alma
Kawaii Marki by lindaleia
The Groom by Noobito777

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Do I even need to explain myself any further with what's going on with me? All these things just sorta happen, and I have no absolute control over any of it.
  • I survived two days in which I sat depressed and wishing I could either sleep for another day or for an eternity. And if I wasn't depressed because of issues at home, I was depressed because of something I can't wait to forget, to have etched out of my mind.
  • No matter what, I cannot bear a smile on my face long enough for me to keep my mind away from all my mistakes of this year. Just want it all to be over and done with.
  • Steam is starting to feel no different than what it did in early-March and early-September; it feels like everybody's finding whatever reason to attack me and demoralize me rather than help build me up for the better.
  • Hasn't been much work on my art, writing, or school work. Though every so often when I'm not in the best mood, I would usually be focused on nothing but working on something of importance (even if it was important to me personally rather than for academics).
Eh, I'm... in desperate need of physical comfort.
  • Mood: Depressed


Episode 6 | Intimate Telepathy

          When you possess the ability to read, imagine, enter another being’s mind, you tend to identify a lot about them, most essentially their weaknesses. That doesn’t always mean that you have the ultimate, dominant power over him or her; if known—or not so known—that you possess such an ability, your opponent can find, develop or compose a strategy to use that power to his or her advantage. Though I’ve trained myself to use this prowess for the good of the people I love, I cannot say that I’ve mastered or perfected the ability unfortunately. Not even after falling prey to one of the easiest weaknesses for a man to face in his lifetime…

          I am Detective Rydo-Cody Vermont Richards, a telepathic official whose precision and accuracy with firearms is on-point. My current residence: Carnage City, in the District of Circe, where my workplace—Carnage City Police Department—resides. Immediate family is just my divorced parents: Hannah Mobley and Rydo-Lemont Richards. At the moment, aunts, uncles, and cousins are irrelevant; I’ll talk about those weirdoes at a much later time. Before Circe, I lived in the District of Zeus, the middle district that connects the other four and attended San Kori for the first eight years. Afterwards, Son Ralph’s High became my secondary school for education. Those four years surely do fly by.

          From there, I attended a two-year college—Duroe—to officially obtain a degree in law. It wasn’t too hard if I had to be honest about it. After that, I stepped into Carnage City Police Department and requested an application to join in on the fun of law enforcement. Unlike everything else, though, that wasn’t something that was easily given away, even with my prowess. The true challenge, however, came when a female, a brunette with long hair that flowed down her back, was in competition with me for that job. Taking a glance at her had eventually turned into a gaze; when I made an attempt to introduce myself, she didn’t really give me much to work with—only giggled and walked away.

          At that time, I didn’t use my powers a lot; in fact, it was like I never had that ability whenever I saw her. Almost like she put a charm on me, I guess. That was only lasted a week—thank, goodness, it did. She finally spoke to me, told me her name’s Leah and that she grew up in the District of Zeus, the same neighborhood as me too! While she was home-schooled most of her life, she attended a different college, one that’s in a city far away from Carnage. (She didn’t say exactly where—the name of the city or the name of the college attended.) We talked for hours and learned a lot about each other. Then, a thought came to me…

          Now opened to her, I became curious about some of the things she could have been thinking about, even what she thought when I tried to introduce myself to her that first day my eyes laid on her beauty. The next day, that’s exactly what I did. As I spoke with Leah, I read whatever thoughts ran through her mind. And the strangest connection was made… She knew when I was reading her mind, and I knew when she was reading mine. Leah was a telepathic much like me!

          It was a complete shock to me to learn this about her. Our bond strengthened faster than expected of either one of us, and eventually, we started dating even while we still competed for the job at the police department. There were feelings that I began to develop that I had no idea would ever come to me. Leah, that woman, she’s something special.


          Another week passed, and I knew I had to be over-thinking things and going beyond what we could handle. Yet I went for it anyway, as did she. In fact, both of us forgot we were in a competition. The dates became more elaborate and elegant and we managed to find fun in a lot of things. Soon, expressing love became more than reading each other’s thoughts and passing hugs and kisses… but I’m not going to continue any deeper than that.

          As fast as it went, Leah and I did inevitably see it all collapse and end abruptly once Carnage City Police Department’s head, Sheriff Andrew Poi, had us both run against each other, using our prowess to solve a recent theft in the metropolis. When it seemed like it was time for us to start our investigations, Leah, much like myself, presented respect, telling me, “Even after one of us solves the crime and get the job, let’s keep that away from the relationship that we’ve built.” If only that wasn’t a lie…


          Sitting in his parked truck, the telepathic Rydo-Cody reads over the files that Poi had given him to review over. He studied everything he needed to know on the assumed suspect of the crime—Harvey of the North. “Hmm,” the man in glasses said, “This guy, though he appears to be weaker than me, managed to steal two large crates that harbored expensive alcoholic beverages from the famous Minos warehouse near Circe Bay.” With a smirk growing upon his face, he added, “Much like my unexpected surprise from Leah, Harvey must be hiding a passed on power of his own. Hope she guessed that too, or I may have to play the role of guardian.” Tossing the folder to the passenger seat, Cody turned the key, put the gearshift into reverse, and drove off down the roadways to the docks of Circe Bay.

          Parking the truck near Pier 6, the telepath reviewed his files one last time before exiting the vehicle and hurrying over to one of the storage units nearby—Unit 6A. While the sun sets upon the horizon, the docks began to dimmer, and the bay waters darkened along with the skies. Cody lays low and close to the exterior walls of the unit, locating a fair way of sneaking into the assumed place Harvey would be hiding. Seeing a small window open at the top of a crate pile, he climbs upward and drops inside, taking to the shadows of the interior. Then he heard a door to the storage unit unlock and open up. A feminine voice could easily be heard, and it left Rydo-Cody in complete shock.

          “Harvey!” she shouted, her angelic voice echoing throughout the metal building. “Are ya in here!? I just wanted to talk!” When no reply is given, Leah shuts the door behind her and begins to search the area for the man. Eventually, Cody pulls her behind the boxes, and in complete shock, she angrily whispers, “What is the matter with you!?”

          “If Harvey’s in here, you’re only giving yourself away!” Cody told her. “And you have no idea what he might be like. Best to lay low and to keep your guard up.”

          While he peered over the boxes for the suspect, Leah sits and pouts a bit before she asked, “What do you mean? If it’s not him, we’ll be able to know—telepathy and his actions as well as his words.” As she was about to sturdy her feet to the ground ready to stand, both telepaths heard the door to Unit 6A unlock and witness a figure walk into the building with a new crate of alcohol in his hands. Once the door was closed and the lights flicker on, both telepaths listened to the man speak, a voice almost inhuman.

          “Yet another case of my Minos recovered from those peasants. I think I can live hope now.” The man drops the crate into the floor next to a column that stood to the right of the door. From there, he walks over near the boxes that Cody and Leah are hiding behind, sitting with his back against the wood while opening a bottle of alcohol in hand. “Finally,” the man said, “I may rest with my Minos.” Taking a sip of the violet liquid, it appeared his sense of smell had enhanced for a second; a faint but detectable odor slapped the male’s left nostril, making him alert of a presence. Standing from his spot, he turned to the boxes and shouted, “Who’s here!? Cowards, show yourselves! I know you’re there.”

          Both Cody and Leah revealed themselves to the man with heightened senses. “Rydo-Cody,” the male telepath said, “and Leah. We’re just wanted to see if we could find some really excellent alcohol to quench our thirst.”

          Leah glared at her friend before she continued, “We heard that there were some Minos beverages stored here in this storage unit near Circe Bay.” Taking notice of the opened glass bottle in his right hand, she pointed and asked, “Can I?”

          “Harvey’s not sharing none of his riches with strangers!” he shouted at her, pulling his bottle of Minos closer to his mouth, ready for another gulp. There was a second pause as Cody and Leah watched him down the violet liquid until very little sat at the bottom of the glass. Assumed to be entering a drunken state, he dropped the bottle into the floor, leaving it to shatter while he directed his attention at the male telepath when he slurred, “What… are you, looking at, Sir-y?”

          Quickly glancing at Leah, Cody told her, “Start reading his mind. Harvey might be hiding something that he still won’t reveal in a drunken state.” Together, both telepaths focused on the alcoholic’s thoughts rather than his actions. While Harvey waddled over to a crate for another bottle of Minos, Leah sent a partial message to her partner as did Cody.

          “The fact that they are in my place…”

          “…is a bit suspicious to me…”

          “…if they’re working for those asses at C.C.P.D…”

          “…I may need to give them a reason to fear me.”

          “If you guys…” the drunk male said, taking a sip of the drink, “are finish with, whatever you punks are doing… standing there, I think I must ask you two to leave.” Harvey struggled to walk towards Leah, his legs steadily growing weak to his weight. “In a few more minutes—hiccup—I have to sleep for, some time, and I don’t want that man in here… when I do, heh.”

          Increasingly growing uncomfortable as she witnessed the man stretch his left hand to her shoulder, the female telepath grabbed his arm and pushed him to the ground, tightening the grip while stretching it from behind. “Implying that you’ll receiving someone as delicate such as myself for the night is truly a pathetic dream of yours that will never come to be,” she promptly stated. “Especially when I present a more elaborate and advanced set of skill and talent that you lack, Harvey.” Pulling out the shackles that hung around her belt, Leah cuffed the hand that she had control of as she playfully requested, “Now, let’s make this an easy game to play.”

          Sliding his right hand to his mouth, Harvey takes a deep bite into his thumb, deep enough to start bleeding. Within a minute, his body began to morph, which left Leah frightened and to drop his left arm as she backed away to Cody. Both witnessed as his hands, arms, shoulders, and overall torso alter in size, growing larger in muscle mass as well as produce brown hair that hid his skin. From the waist down, instead of hairy legs—fitting the telepaths’ expectation, Harvey received bull-like hooves to support his weight. With white horns that had sharp red points, the transformation was complete; the suspect that Leah and Cody were after presented his hidden power of becoming a minotaur.

          “Did ya see that coming, Leah?” Cody asked promptly.

          “Not at all,” she replied, her muscles growing shaky as she stared at the beast.

          Directing his attention to Leah, the male telepath took notice that his partner was gradually weakening, crippling from fear. Being quick on his feet, he lifted her away just as Harvey heaved a box towards them, missing them by a few inches and striking a support beam. Resting Leah behind another tall stack of boxes and crates, Cody tells her, “Relax and don’t get involved. I’ll try to subdue Harvey.” Another crash of a crate nearby, the male telepath tries to shield his frightened partner before rushing fingers to his left-side pocket, pulling out a gray dagger. Studying the beastly minotaur’s actions, the young man took to his opponent’s mind.

          Noting what Rydo-Cody was doing, Harvey lowered his arms and draws in quick breaths of air, stomping his hooves hard to the point that he charged towards his opponent, horns ready to jab. Though the telepath evaded, the minotaur crashes into a different support beam near the hiding Leah, bending the metal enough to lock his left horn. While he gestured her to crawl away, the man hurried to Harvey’s legs and with a swift move of his dagger, he lashed at the minotaur’s hairy thighs, which irritated the trapped beast that struggled to break free. One more time, Cody hops onto Harvey’s backside and digs his short blade into his right shoulder, leaving him grunting and flailing his arms about in a crippling attempt to knock the man off his body.

          Feeling Harvey’s body emit an abnormal amount of heat, Cody leapt from the beast’s backside and atop a box nearby as he witnessed the minotaur bend the beam in a way that freed the trapped left horn. Overwhelmed with anger and great agitation, his opponent ripped that bent support beam and wielded it tightly in his hands like a baseball bat. Stirring dust into the air with his quaking stomps of the hooves, the minotaur released some steam before swinging and releasing the metal towards the male telepath readied with his gray dagger. While he avoided the attack, Cody collapses to the ground, the boxes below his feet as well as those behind his position combusting from the powerful impact, sending glass, wood, cardboard, and Minos flying around inside the storage unit.

          Leah, still uneasy by what she witnessed minutes ago, stands from behind crates hidden in the dark and sees her partner on the ground, his left hand cut and bleeding from a shard in his thumb. Her eyes, then, turned to Harvey, the brown minotaur, whom is still growing angrier and preparing for another charge to his opponent. Though slightly risky but in a desperate need of showing that she isn’t weak, she advances closer to the beast and attempts to read his mind. Though blurry, she hears the man inside shouting.

          “Damn, this guy! Why won’t he just die already!?”

          Once she witnessed her partner Cody sturdily stand and Harvey charge in towards him, Leah trailed behind him as fast as her feet could possibly go. Before Harvey’s horns reached the male telepath’s body, the female telepath leaps onto the beastly minotaur’s back, latching on his horns in attempts to pull him away. “Come on, Big Boy!” she yelled. “Show us what you can do other than jousts and baseball!”

          His opponent open to an attack, Cody pulls out the shard in his thumb, takes grasp of his gray dagger and charges for Harvey’s vulnerable abdomen, slashing it three times in random directions until blood was present on the brown hair. The beast began to shake harder than seconds ago, knocking Leah off him and into a pile of boxes; once again more aggravated and aggressive, the minotaur blows some steam, readying for several more attacks on the male telepath. Already a few steps ahead of him, however, Cody launches himself back before propelling forward, his dagger aimed and deepened into Harvey’s forehead.

          The minotaur grunts while blood leaked from the open wound. With his left arm clutched on the male telepath’s wielding arm, Harvey tosses Rydo-Cody alongside Leah. Before he could press forward and attack again, with the potential of striking both targets, the beast collapsed, his arms held to his stomach, groaning to the now emerging pain in his system.

          Waking from the impact that left him in a daze, Cody rises and glances at Leah, whom rests unconscious atop the boxes. Noting that his opponent wasn’t active, he lifted her body and led her away, placing the female telepath outside Storage Unit 6A and resting upright. “Rest well, Leah,” he whispered to her. “You did great.” Hearing the minotaur inside roar, the male telepath directed his attention to the window, climbing back inside to finish what had started. Returning inside, he finds Harvey growing weak, his forehead bleeding more than it had before and Cody’s dagger lying in a small blood pool. Dropping down to the messy, concrete floor, the man taunts, “Weakling! Come fight me, you hell-summoned beast!”

          Without hesitation, the minotaur stomps and swings his fists at the male telepath, two missing and one knocking his opponent into a support beam and stunning him. Harvey, as he approached Cody, hacks blood out of his mouth, little landing on his target’s face and clothing. Then he lifts the man from the ground and puffs hot air into his face, growling intensely as he tried to squish the man lifeless. To his dismay, however, another shockwave of pain surged throughout his body again, leaving him to release Cody and fall on his rear, resting his hands on his forehead, which still bled.

          Stretching his muscles out before taking steps to his bloody dagger, the male telepath said, “What does it take for a minotaur to die down on his anger? I was right; Harvey, you’re weak.” Clutching his weapon tightly in his red hands, he turns to the downed beast, lowers his wielding hand to a white horn and concluded, “Devolve back to your human state, or you will lose a horn or two.” When Harvey growled, Cody wasn’t hesitant, digging his blade into the bone and leaving carvings that marked the weakened spots. A powerful shriek echoed inside the storage unit, the vibrations strong enough to shatter the single window and the glass bottle of Minos within the crates and boxes. Before the male telepath reached for the second horn, he was knocked away by the swing of the minotaur’s right arm.

          Cody lands hard on top of crates, crushing them and exposing the broken glasses within. In an attempt to stand while Harvey squirmed about, the male telepath collects a few shards on his right arm, feeling no pain from each one that split his skin. Though sluggish, he heightened ready with the dagger in his left hand as he watched the beast clutch his right horn. “That was mature of you,” Cody said, walking to his opponent’s left horn, wielding the dagger high in a taunting gesture.

          By the time Harvey took notice that the telepath stood over him with the silver blade in hand, he had been seconds too late to push back; his left horn had a deeper, slightly larger carving that sent the minotaur into another session of quaking shrieks and cowardly crimpling in a ball-like shape, his hands covering both symbols of his strength.

          “Devolve!” Rydo-Cody exclaimed angrily.

          This time, Harvey obeyed and returned to his human form. The man, now, appeared weak and frail, bearing a ripped dark blue shirt on his chest and plied apart dark pants on his legs, his hands against his temples that were scarred from the dagger attacks. Though as low as whisper, Cody heard the downed individual say, “No more. I need no more.”

          After a small chuckle, the male telepath latched the handcuffs onto the man’s wrists, lifts him from the ground and tells him, “This was fun and all, Harvey, but you could have saved a lot more of your precious Minos had you just submit to Leah and I. You’re coming with me down to the station, buddy.” While they both walked to Cody’s truck, the arrested man, still in a drunken state, cried tears uncontrollably, which made the telepath laugh loudly, almost hysterically. Being propped into the seat and still weeping, he turns to the other and sobbed, “Can I please have a bottle of Minos?”

          “Maybe when you’re out and about again and not stealing alcohol, we can go out for a drink sometime.” Giving him a nod before shutting the door, Cody retreats to the other side of Storage Unit-6A, where his female telepathic partner Leah lay resting, just as he had left her before. She appeared undisturbed by the loud shrieks and quakes from minutes ago, which he had found cute. Lifting her into his arms and carrying her to the back of his truck, he listened to the dream she was having within her head.

          “Really, I don’t know what I’ve put myself through. What am I trying to prove and to who? Why do I overestimate my own strengths and undermine my weaknesses?” Rydo-Cody gives her a peck on her cheek and watched as her cheeks flared slightly. “My, what was that for?”

          “You always belittle yourself over these things,” a masculine voice said. “The fact that you try to change is good enough to know. It won’t be as quick as you would like, but take your time. Don’t make it abrupt; you might miss something in the process.”


          Once her body lied on the back of my truck, I drove back to Carnage City Police Department, where they locked Harvey away in a cell. Afterwards, I took both Leah and myself to a nearby hospital only a few miles away. The injuries that I sustained were minor; the bruising weren’t too serious and the cuts from glass and wood didn’t threaten my life any either. Reports on Leah found that she was temporarily unconscious and sustained no more than minor bruising as well. She awakened from her slumber the next day slightly dazed and with a pounding headache. Both of us spend a little over a night in to recover before we were released.

          When we finally returned to the department to see which had gotten the job, it was no surprise. Leah gave me a respectful handshake and an unexpected hug. After thanking me for the competition and a great time, she walked out of the police building. Sad to say, that was the last time I heard from her. I, then, questioned what I had felt when we spoke and truly tried to learn more about one another.


          Of course, those days are gone now. No reason to look too far back into them. Harvey was charged and convicted of the possession of stolen imports and assault. While he lives through his sentencing, he sometimes writes to me about that drink of Minos that I told him we might have once he’s out and about the streets of Carnage. It makes me laugh that actually remembered that. The man was fun, I must say. I’ll definitely make sure to have things ready, as a way of repaying him for that fight.

Arco. Ep. 1.6
Season 1 of 1
[<] The Blossom Enchantress [>]
Prev | Ep. 6 of 8 | Next

Arco A realistic fantasy tale of adventurous spirits in an alternative reality--one in which fables, legends, myths, and all things imaginary and were only desired wishes are, in fact, a reality of its own. | Season 1 introduces many of the major characters, talks a bit about their history--the foundation of his or her personality as well as origin of their prowess--and how they came to be what they are. | Cody meets a long-haired brunette whom competes with him for a job at the police department. After learning that she possesses the same ability as him, he develops more feelings that go beyond his anticipation, but they are put to the test when both telepaths are given the mission to locate and arrest an alcoholic thief. How much does he really love her then? | Alliance written by Ernest Hudson Davis IV.

These episodes will all take place in a fictitious/imaginary world but use some (if not all) actual characters: people that the author has talked to in real life or online. With or without their approval (because he feels that he could have them become interesting and essential assets to the plot), the author will write each individual in, making sure that they are as awesome as can be.

Thanks for reading. Be patient for the next episode.
Arco. (series) Copyright (c) 2014 Junie-D.

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