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Art. My Art. My Simplistic Art. My Painfully Simplistic Art. My.

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I tend to like a lot of artwork on this site, particular ones that surpass my own. :meow:

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Ernest Hudson Davis IV
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
*Due to some connection issues, I may not be very active on this site. If you wish to contact me for whatever reason, click the links avaliable below.

May 13. Taurus.
High School Senior.
Random-minded Philosopher.
Creative Illustrator. Free-minded Storyteller.
Future Graphic Artist. Possible Game Developer.
Otaku (anime lover). Creatures Fan. UberHaxorNova. ImmortalHD.
Bossitronian. Markiplite. Masher. Minion.
Indescribable Gamer.

(Temporarily) free to add/follow me on any of these sites:
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May open commissions for points in: sketches / writing

:bulletgreen: published
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:bulletred: still in planning/being revised

Author of the Arco tale.

Creator of the Electronic Super Joy: Aaron Adventures fanfiction.
Aaron Ro'kin / Bui / Greegor / Pope Ianh Eddzon / Jojo / Kimberri Saphire / Kuzu / Smoker Smith / Wanderer / Wizard

Avatars used: (credits to their respective artists)
Who's Shirt Was That? [Darkiplier] by Demens-Alma
Kawaii Marki by lindaleia
The Groom by Noobito777

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To all that still remember that I'm here on deviantART, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all have a wonderful time with family, friends, and food. Be thankful for all the good that has come your way.

And what about me? Ah, don't worry yourselves about me. The year's almost over. December's coming around, accompanied by the holidays, Christmas mostly, and New Years, and I can't wait for it all to be over and done with.

What am I thankful for? I'll have to get back to you on that when my head is awake and my mind isn't a complete catastrophe.
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Episode 7 | Cursed

          Standing in the middle of Rosetta’s Blossoms, the electro-technologist Thames Sebus asks the florist, “You wouldn’t happen to be… one with magic, would you?”

          While she releases from the man’s left arm and struts to his right, the florist Rosetta answered in a seductive tone, “Hmm, one with magic… meaning, like a witch or wizard? No, not at all.” Wrapping her left arm around Sebus’s right arm, she twiddles the fingers of her right hand and produces a green rose in her palm, which she presents to the electro-technologist. With a lusty smile, the brunette looked into his emerald eyes and tells him, “Natural beauty is as magical as this lovely emerald… It’s like your eyes, Thames. For you.”

          Closing his eyes as he let out a chuckle, Sebus takes the flower from the woman’s hands, but as he brought both hands together to hold and stiff it, he felt a string at his left ring finger. Examining his hand, he noticed that the finger bleed a little more than expected, a blue-green thorn on the vine where the finger had been laid. Directing his attention to the florist Rosetta, Sebus asked, “Do you know why…” A beat of his heart later, the electro-technologist stood frozen, his pupils shrunken and nearly all muscles except those of his face no longer controllable. “…What was in… that green rose… Rosetta?”

          “Shh-shh, darling,” she told the male as he collapsed to his knees. “Just let it happen. Fall asleep in my arms, and I’ll wait for you after your well-needed slumber.” With his body lied back on her chest, Rosetta sings a soft ballet to the conscious-fading Sebus while the green rose that fell from his hand vanishes from the floor.


Pricked by the thorns
Of Somnia,
Now, fall under a slumber,
A trance of insanity.
And wake to me
A minion of thee.


          Rosetta rocked the fully unconscious Thames Sebus as she repeated those lines three times before dragging his body to the backroom, where a few more flowers and tall plants sit. From there, she placed him on an empty iron table, searched for the Holy Lotus stone, and laid it upon the man’s chest, gesturing his hands as if holding it. “Killing you is not my intent,” she whispered to the unconscious body. “However, if I’ve given you a much stronger poison than expected, let this Holy Lotus be your soul’s guidance back into Rueo.” She returns to the counter, back to business of selling flowers and decorative plants to any that visited.


          While his body rests strapped by the vines of Rosetta, Thames’s soul—his consciousness—lies in what could only be described as an eternal illusion. Though he acknowledges that he’s stuck in a dream state, the emerald-eyed male isn’t able to steer the interactions within, finding himself forced into whatever delightful terror the florist’s poison tosses him into.

          He awakens in a dense forest wearing a strange yet colorful kilt composed of wool and cotton and nothing more. Completely confused, Sebus lifts himself from the grassy floor and tries to stand to his feet. Though weak in the legs, he takes notice of something white in the distance of all of the green and advances towards it to examine it further. The walk felt lengthier than he had expected it to be but managed to reach the white within the green. It appeared to be an illuminating figure—a fairy statue. When he swiftly caressed the fairy’s shoulder, the wings flattered as the rocky eyes slowly directed themselves at the dreamer.

          Taking notice of both actions, Sebus leapt back from the statue, almost as if frightened. “Rosetta?” he said to the fairy. With no response, he believed it must be a part of the illusion rather than a trick from an outsider and continued to venture the heavy woods, the eyes once more watching as the electro-technologist left the area. Soon, a walk down a dirt path through the oddly evergreen forest led to a pond harboring tree trunks in elaborate shapes, sizes, and forms. Letting his emerald eyes wander the vicinity, Sebus witnesses a variety of creatures living in the leaves, the bark, the water, and the dirt that he stands atop of. All seemed to be harmless; none presented any attention, acknowledging his presence.

          Looking around, Sebus comes to the realization that the dirt path ends into the pond. No visible ground without overgrown vegetation could be seen. “Where does this lead?” he asked. Then a tiny, luminous entity fluttered into the young man’s eyes, and in a blink, the forest appeared to dimmer, the ball of light now the brightest. Watching as it slowly moved over the water, Sebus trails after it, developing some form of trust as he walks on the liquid surface. Without a word and the light flying faster away, the entranced picked the speed up, dashing through the dead wood that sit stationed in the green pond. Soon, though, the light danced at the center of the place, leaving its chaser Sebus standing confused as to what it could be telling him. “What could be here?”

          Then the ball of light flashed three times, blinding the dreamer and encasing him in a white void, the fluttering ball altering into a tiny fairy in black. After a wave of its wand, Sebus witnessed the fairy—what seemed to be his only guide throughout the mysterious land—vanish elsewhere, leaving him dazed within the infinite whiteness. Eventually, he let curiosity take control, motioning his hands to see if there was anything-tangible hiding in the vicinity. An unknown force from his rear knocked Sebus to the ground, which startled the male. He didn’t make any advances in standing, awaiting answers to come.


          In the back alleyway near Luck in Antiques—Leroy’s store, Darion and Cody head to a presumed lock door at the end that led into a building that presented only two six-pane windows. Pulling out his personal pistol Cyrus, the detective fired two bullets into the handle before kicking the gray door inward as he shouted, “Coming right in!”

          Darion trailed behind the detective, flicked a light switch, and scanned the room for anything that could be of help to their search for the enchantress. They inspected the walls and corners, desktops and cabinets. At first, not Darion or Cody found anything that could lead them some place new. “I can’t seem to find anything, Detective,” the assassin informed.

          “It doesn’t seem like I’m getting anything either. It’s like the place was cleansed before she left,” Cody said, pulling out shelf after shelf in search of potential evidence. Soon, the last shelf that he pulled out revealed a dead, wrinkly rose slowly losing its color. Upon picking it up from inside, a strange smell ran into his nose that was distasteful. The detective gagged. “Informer, I think there’s something of importance.”

          His partner hurried over to Cody’s side to examine what he had found. Darion, too, gagged from the scent of the withered rose intruding his nostrils. “What makes it reek?” he asked, holding his hand against his nose.

          “I wouldn’t know. Whatever was in there must have killed it.”

          “Give it here,” the assassin instructed. “I might be able to tell something about it or of it. Search for something that could link this to our person-of-interest.”

          Passing the rose to Darion, Detective Richards pecked around near where he found the dead flower, making advances in moving desks until something new appeared within his sight. And something did; he discovered a deceased rat entangled in ivy as if an individual sewed the plant into the animal’s gray fur. When he wrapped his finger underneath the vine and tugged it apart, a lightly colored, cloud-like vapor rose to the air while a cut in the rat’s abdomen had opened.

          Quickly, Darion’s eyes jolted to Cody, and in the swiftest motion the boy had ever made, he bolts towards the detective and pulled the dead creature from the man’s hands, tossing it to the ground before covering the man’s mouth. “Don’t breathe, Detective!” the cautious assassin exclaimed. “I’ll clear of the poisonous rodent.” Raising his foot over the entangled gray rat, he stomped and burned it, smoke and the pink vapor arising from beneath the sole of the assassin’s boot. Darion closed his eyes and took in a deep breath, exhaling flames to rid of the vapor before they invaded his system.

          After the hand was removed from his lips, the detective gave the assassin a confused look, as he demanded, “What just happened? Why did you do what you did there?”

          Glaring into his brown eyes, the assassin gave a stern response. “That rat that you pricked at wasn’t a rat. It wasn’t even a natural rat like the ones that scurry about these city streets and sewer drains.” Removing his foot from atop the now flattened creature, Darion continued, “That was a poison waiting for someone, much like you, to locate and unravel it, breathe it in and from there, it leaves you in a state of unconscious servility.”

          His eyes widened, Detective Richards retrieved his cell-phone from his pocket and called the police department, telling his partner, “Thanks.” Once he heard the voice on the other end, he demanded, “I am in need of doing some research on rat-like poison bombs and known suspects documented within Carnage City limits.”


          Lounged on the invisible ground, Thames Sebus stared upward to the infinite white sky above his head, unable to find an out from the emptiness. Then a voice called out in all directions.


          He raised and looked around. “Hello?”

          “Serve me.”

          “What? Who are you?” Another scan of the vicinity and a black entity from farther away stood still in the whiteness. Lifting himself tall, Sebus slowly walks towards it, trying to discern what the black in the white was. The entity did the same, mimicking the dreamer’s movements and actions.

          The feminine voice called out again, this time from the black entity. “Serve me, Sebus!”

          For a second, the pale-skinned male remained stationary, studying the strange blackness. When he saw gray eyes reveal themselves and glow as they stared into his emeralds, the electro-technologist sprints towards it, the entity doing the exact same thing. Soon, more human features emerged onto the black; it resembled the dreamer Thames Sebus. As fast as he could do so, the man stopped his feet from pushing him forward and just stared at the shadowy figure that stood before him, face to face. They studied one another and moved simultaneously, never one a second behind or ahead of the latter’s motion. Then they attempted to touch, their fingers pushed closer to the other. Rather than the feeling of contact from the blackness, Sebus felt the surface of a glass, this glass producing a ripple as if the surface of water. Witnessing the shadowy figure that shared his appearance vanish as the waves motioned closer and closer, the electro-technologist stepped back from the glass and waited for something new to emerge.

          Instead of a change in front of him, Sebus directed his attention to his rear, where a new world opened and revealed itself to the dreamer. He finds his body standing atop an apartment building that returned to the man’s mind with familiarity. When he looked to the skies, he could tell that time was moving forward. The dark clouds that clashed with sunset and, soon, overtook the reds, pinks, and oranges of the canvas. Lightning started to leap from nimbus to nimbus as well as rain invade the air and colliding with the earth below. Turning his backside again, the dreamer Thames was briefly startled by the appearance of a familiar face, the face that he had hated since the day he saw it: his uncle Cinn. The man wields the same double-headed sword that used before in their fight atop the exact apartment rooftop.

          Checking his side, Thames Sebus finds himself weaponless and defenseless to what was to occur next; Cinn charges forward with his blades electrified and ready to thrash into the dreamer’s body. When Sebus tries to evade the incoming attack, his feet are bound by a dark ivy vines, a voice whispering, “Stay with me, darling.” The dreamer closed his eyes and waited for the painful embrace of his uncle’s sword. Rather than a bloody wound in his abdomen, he feels a force push him off the rooftop, but it wasn’t Cinn. It was like a ghost had propelled him from the foothold. Once more, his expectation was to splatter atop the concrete ground that sat below. Instead, Sebus the dreamer falls into liquid, dark water.

          The impact stunned the dreamer whom had his eyes shut and appeared unconscious rather than in a deep slumber. When they opened, his emeralds were wide as he panicked to what would happen if he didn’t reach the surface. Waving his arms around, Sebus swam upward and took in as much oxygen he could the minute his nose was free from the water. Though he coughed and hacked, he lied afloat the surface, his eyes looming around as he tried to make sense of his new environment.

          From afar, he could see a towering structure stretching high into the dark skies of the night. The waters, too, were dark, almost to the point of complete blackness, yet the man’s feet remain visible as if illuminating. When an orb of light fell from the sky and to Thames’ side, it orbited him before directing his attention to the faraway structure. He followed, stroking his arms back and forth, through the waves as they bounced him into an unorganized dance. When he was halfway to the building, a light from below arisen, the water altering to a bright green. Sebus took notice of the green but continued forward, ignoring the light.

          Shorter and shorter the distance became, Sebus began to smile that he would eventually be only inches away from the building. The bright green pushed upward to the sole of the dreamer’s feet and onward, encasing him in a bubble as it lifted him high out of the dark waters. It confused him greatly. “What is going on?” Sebus said.

          Somewhere out there, the same feminine voice from before returned and replied, “Look. Your answer is below!” A smaller ball of light—a blue fairy—directed his eyes down to the towering structure and dark waters. As the blackness disappeared, a city emerged. The dreamer Thames Sebus was overlooking the empty metropolis of Carnage, the skyscraper he swam to being the Emperor’s Capitol. Though small, three tombstones sat in front of the government building.

          “Tombstones? To whom?” Sebus questioned.

          “Those three men of your that you associate yourself with,” the feminine voice answered, a scent of sin in her tone. “They won’t find you or support you in the slightest. Abandoning you for their selfish purposes, they were defeated and sentenced to death for their mischief.” She chuckled in his ears, preventing him from escaping the illusion.

          While still within the confinements of the bright green bubble, Sebus the dreamer closed his eyes and covered his ears, constantly reminding himself that there was an out. No matter how hard he tried, though, the voice seemed to become louder and louder the more he focused on himself. Upon opening his emerald eyes, the electro-technologist is found standing in the same dense, evergreen forest as before.

          “You believe that you will free yourself from this,” the feminine voice echoed. “But you are sadly mistaken, my new servant…”

          “I’m not your servant!” Sebus proclaimed angrily.

          “Oh, but you will be.”

          “What else could you show me to break me?”

            “Yet has to come,” the voice teased. A second later, a ball of light appeared and fluttered around the entranced before showing him the way through the overgrowth. He followed as it soared through the branches and vinery that tried to hide an ancient path. When it moved faster, the dreamer tried to keep pace along with the light, getting his boots dirtied by the muddy soil. Soon he stood in front of ancient architecture, staring at what appeared to be a lost temple among the ivy and blossoms that accompanies it now. Once more, Sebus noticed three tombstones, on them strange hieroglyphics. Though he could not decipher what it said, the electro-technologist made a guess on what they may have said and cried.

          On the top of his lungs and in tears, he shouted violently, “Why!? What purpose does this nightmare serve you?”

          The ball of light landed atop Mitchell’s tombstone and revealed to be a fairy and the feminine voice that taunted him. “Coercion,” she said. “I want you to be an important asset to my collecting of precious riches and jewelry that I so fancy within that city Carnage. All that you have seen can be the outcome if you do not submit to me, serve me, Sebus.”

          “I think not,” he retorted, wiping away his tears.

          “Oh, but I think so. You’ve only seen a piece of my power, sir. It’s your choice: the easy way or the difficult way.”

          “How difficult could you possibly make it for me?” Sebus shouted. “You already tortured me with the false death of my team!”

          The fairy chuckled as it rose and circled around the dreamer’s head. “How do you know it is not so? How do you acknowledge the possibility that they live? In fact, how do you truly know your soul is not out of your body? This could all be nothing more than mere illusions or maybe visions a person sees as their life force is drained from their mortal bodies.” Twinkling her fingers on the man’s hair, the fairy produces a lotus flower and continues, “Believe what you will, but be warned that the difficult way will involve force—use of my powers against yours. And I doubt you possess the rebellious mentality needed to break free from my trance.”

          Back in reality inside her flower shop, Rosetta the feminine voice within Sebus’s illusion summons more ivy vines to tangle and strap the white male’s body to the tabletop, the Holy Lotus glowing as it tries to keep the mortal’s soul inside.

          “This one isn’t like that foolish leprechaun Leroy. He’s much stronger and is doing whatever he can to escape me.” Eventually, frustration overpowered her, so instead, she produces a yellow rose, stripped it of its petals and shoved them into the sleeping man’s mouth before she returned to the front of her shop. When she did, however, Rosetta received an unexpected visited from two men: one with pale skin that bore glasses, a tall jacket and camouflage boots while the other with brown skin, wearing a dark hoodie, black pants with darkly-colored high-tops. She presented them with a smile and greeted, “Good afternoon, gentlemen. I didn’t hear you step in. How can I help you?”

          Staring deep into her bright eyes with his brown ones, the detective Rydo-Cody greeted promptly, “Good afternoon, Ms. Rosetta, or is it Somnia of the North?”

          His partner Darion added, “We came here to ask some questions, collect some answers if you wouldn’t mind.”

          Her yellow eyes glared at both of them evilly, for she knew that whatever would happen next would not be in her favor at all. Something new was coming for her, but she could not figure out what. Silence took over the flower shop; they stood at a standstill.

Arco. Ep. 1.7
Season 1 of 1
[<] The Blossom Enchantress [>]
Prev | Ep. 7 of 8 | Next

Arco A realistic fantasy tale of adventurous spirits in an alternative reality--one in which fables, legends, myths, and all things imaginary and were only desired wishes are, in fact, a reality of its own. | Season 1 introduces many of the major characters, talks a bit about their history--the foundation of his or her personality as well as origin of their prowess--and how they came to be what they are. | Thames Sebus, after being pricked by a green rose, explores a twisted trance, finding whatever possible way of escaping it. Meanwhile, Cody and Darion find something worthwhile that officially reveals the enchantress's name. | Alliance written by Ernest Hudson Davis IV.

These episodes will all take place in a fictitious/imaginary world but use some (if not all) actual characters: people that the author has talked to in real life or online. With or without their approval (because he feels that he could have them become interesting and essential assets to the plot), the author will write each individual in, making sure that they are as awesome as can be.

Thanks for reading. Be patient for the next episode.
Arco. (series) Copyright (c) 2014 Junie-D.
Under A Shadow by Junie-D
Under A Shadow
Much like how I've been feeling pretty much every day. Can't say that it'll go away...

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